Movie Clip Submission Tools

 Before submitting, make sure that:

  • You insert the Name, the Logo and the Copyright of in the last frames of your video clip.

  • The size of SWF file is less than 10 MBytes. (smaller size is better)

  • The logo of your clip is either GIF or JPEG and must be created in 180*150 pixel.

  • You use the main frames and do not insert movie clip inside another one.

  • You do not submit your clip more than once.

  • You do not put your email or website address in your Clip frames. We will give you a designer profile page.

  • You fill out the form bellow completely and press "Submit" button, then wait a moment until the reception page appears.

Movie Clip Title
Designer First , Last Name ,

E-mail Address

Song Title

Song Artist

Description or Lyrics

SWF File

Logo File (JPEG or Gif)




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